Meera Soni Menon is the founder of KAYSHUDHI, a holistic Ayurvedic clinic with an aim to help people in the community with her vast experience and knowledge in Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis and treatment.


Prior to Kayshudhi, Meera Soni Menon worked at Ayushakti Health Centres in India under Vaidya Pankaj Naram and Vaidya Smita Naram. She has a degree in ayurvedic medicine from KG Mittal Punarvasu Ayurvedic College, Mumbai, India, and is A Member Of The BRCP, UK.


At Kayshudhi, the primary focus is on aligning and re-balancing our constitution through appropriate nutrition, herbs, exercise, relaxation and lifestyle choices together with Ayurvedic therapies.


Kayshudhi translates to ‘Kay’ – ‘Body’ and ‘Shudhi’ – ‘Purification or Detoxification’

In today’s fast paced modern life, we are surrounded by numerous sources of imbalances and disruptors, and your health is affected …much more than you may realise…depending upon how much exposure you have to these disruptors or toxins on a regular basis.
Detoxification is necessary to re-align and re-balance our constitution for healthy natural living. All our treatments primarily focus on attaining this balance and alignment of mind, body and soul.


Kayshudhi is your gateway to detoxification of mind and body, thereby attaining positive health and happiness.

At Kayshudhi during the consultation the practitioner finds the imbalance of the doshas through the pulse. Pulse diagnosis is the speciality at Kayshudhi. Following the initial pulse consultation patient receives a detailed treatment plan including herbs, diet and home remedies.


At Kayshudhi we encourage our clients to make substantial lifelong changes to the way they live their lives in order to maximize their health potential and well being.